Application overview

Create an application overview. This step supports understanding the main functionalities and subjects of the application to be developed/under development. To understand the application more fully, describe the main components, usage scenarios, the roles of subjects and their interactions. For example:


  • A user logs in

    • A user logs in through the web application with a username and password

    • The web application creates a web request and sends it to Access Decision Engine

    • The Access Decision Engine retrieves relevant policies

    • The Access Decision Engine makes an access decision based on the access control model, and sends a response to the web application

  • Users create new content

  • Users read content

  • Users delete content

  • A new user registers

  • Management generates access policies for the content

  • System administrators delete data after a predefined time

  • System administrators create, read, and modify roles and access policies for the created content

  • System administrators delete a user